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Coffee and Sweet lovers

Barbara and Mike Anton are the owners of Biscotto café and they both run this little special coffee shop in the heart of Auburn Massachusetts. 

Biscotto Café was born on October 2018 which took about six months to remodel and mostly everything was done by the owners. Barbara had the vision and many ideas for her dream bakery and coffee shop.   

 She was born and raised in Venezuela. Her parents were Italian immigrants  and owned very successful Italian food businesses. Barbara's dad  was very well known for his delicious pizza made in a wood stove oven that he built himself. They both were the best mentors she could ask for.

Barbara brings European and Latin-American flavors to her baked goods and specialty coffee.

Her passion for baking began when one of her daughters was diagnosed with an allergy to eggs and milk. This made it very hard to find tasty baked goods without those ingredients. Once her daughter tasted her baked goods she asked her to open a bakery because she was the best baker ever! These words give her the inspiration in becoming a fantastic baker and follow her true passion.

The face of too much coffee! Is there su

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